The Adjustments at a Glance


The adjustments at a glance
Taking effect 1 December 2014



Clarice Modeste to become Minister for Foreign Affairs
Previously Minister for Health

Nickolas Steele to become Minister for Health
Previously Minister for Foreign Affairs 

Alexandra Otway–Noel to become Minister for Implementation in PMO
Previously Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation

Yolande Bain–Horsford to become Minister for Tourism & Civil Aviation
Previously without a cabinet portfolio

Oliver Joseph to have added portfolio for International Business
Currently Minister for Economic Development

Senator Brenda Hood to have additional responsibility for National Lotteries Authority
Currently Minister for Culture



Senator Simon Steill elevated to Leader of Government Business in The Senate

Chester Humphrey to become President of The Senate
Replacing the retiring Dr Lawrence Joseph

Peter David to become Senate Member
Replacing Hon Kenny Lalsingh

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