NDC Welcomes Cuba–US Announcement

The National Democratic Congress welcomes wholeheartedly the announcement of a number of measures by the governments of Cuba and the United States to normalise relations.

This development is a major step forward in a positive direction which will reduce the hostile and confrontational engagement between two important member nations in the hemisphere.

Indeed this era requires a new partnership for sustainable development which points to maintaining relation between states in the spirit of the United Nations Charter.

Both Cuba and the US have been important partners in the development of the region and we join with our regional counterparts in saluting the courage of President Obama on this historic decision. The easing of travel and trade restriction will assist in reducing tensions and creating the kind of atmosphere which will enhance the process of normalisation of relations.

We urge the US Congress to seize this historic moment to lift the Economic, Trade and Financial blockade against Cuba.

This positive development is a watershed in hemispheric relations that will bring tangible benefits to the peoples of the Americas.

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