Attacked at Quarantine Point

What was meant to be a relaxing evening for a young couple last week Thursday, turned into a dreadful experience that has left them traumatized and the young man nursing a gunshot wound.

Shortly after 7:30 pm, the couple was parked at Quarantine Point when the young man noticed an individual wearing a mask crawling towards the vehicle. A fight ensued with the assailant, and the young lady screamed for help.

The masked assailant pulled out a gun and started firing towards the young man, who is a student at a local university. “He was lucky, because only one got him; he was shot in the leg,” said a family member who preferred his name be not disclosed to the public.

“After he was shot, with all the blood flowing from his body, he was able to drive away from the scene and seek the necessary help,” said the family member. Police were notified, a report was made, and an investigation is ongoing. Police has recovered bullet shells at the scene.

Quarantine Point is located a short distance from the South St George Police station, but is regarded by many to be unsafe, especially at night. “Persons are raped, robbed, and beaten there. A lot of crimes happen at this location and people need to know that they need to avoid that place,” the family member added.

The young man was admitted to hospital, but is presently at home. Professional counselling is expected to be provided to assist to cope with the trauma from this frightful experience.



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