National Effort to Tackle Misuse of Technology

Hon. Delma Thomas

Social Development Minister Hon. Delma Thomas has called on Grenadians to join with her Ministry to work together in an effort to help solve issues as they relate to improper use of technology.

The plea was made at a post-cabinet news briefing, after photos of students in compromising positions were exposed on the internet. Minister Thomas says that our nation’s children need to be guided in the use of technology to ensure they are aware of its negatives.

There is growing concern about what seems to be an increase in the distribution of pornography via social media.

The Minister went on to say that government is unable to do it alone and pleaded with parents, NGOs and other stakeholders to encourage children to use technology wisely. “We are unable to do it alone and therefore we would need all stakeholders, and I say all because we need to work with parents,” she said.

The Social Development Minister also called on the media to join the campaign, and urged them not to dramatize stories since they can have a negative effect on families, schools and the nation on a whole. “We would be calling on the media to work along with us in terms of our educational programmes, to help teach our young people how to use technology in a wise way,” the Minister said.

The Social Development Minister emphasized that everyone should work together to protect our children, not only with the technology issue, but other issues that confront them.

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