New Health Minister Praised

Minister Nickolas Steele

An association representing junior doctors in the country has praised new Health Minister Hon. Nickolas Steele, for his efforts in resolving some of their concerns as they relate to the provision of healthcare.

The Minister met recently with the Grenada Junior Doctors Association to formulate a strategic plan that will be used to improve the health care system.

President of the Association, Dr Devon Francis, commended Minister Steele for his input and said the minister’s tremendous dedication has brought about a different approach in dealing with the issues.

“What we have put in place is what we call a strategic plan,” Dr Francis said. “I can now see there’s a clear vision as to how we can get through that and, ultimately, it spells better healthcare delivery.”

Minister Steele says he is elated over the significant level of progress made in resolving the issues affecting the doctors.

“One could not feel for a better endorsement and we are moving forward,” the Minister said. “When a member of the group that has some form of labour action because they were totally dissatisfied and fed up, comes out and even speaks from a different position, it shows that we have made significant progress.”

More dialogue is expected between Minister Steele and the Junior Doctors Association aimed at further improving the country’s healthcare system.


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