Celebrating Our Nation’s Independence

This year, GRENLEC’s Lantern Floral Exposition has utilized Grenada’s flora and fauna to create another set of beautiful displays to observe Grenada’s Independence.

Grenada’s 2015 Independence celebration theme is “Moving forward in unity to build a stronger nation”.

Consequently, the Lantern Exposition draws from the Japanese Ikebana tradition that promotes the concept of oneness with nature and that sees each arrangement as alive and unifying nature with humanity.

Dusty Highway office display 1

Different varieties of flowers, bamboo, water, sand, spices, vines and branches combine to invite an appreciation of the many bounties that unify Grenada’s people and are a way of life.

Bruce Street Display
Bruce Street Display

Customers are enjoying all the displays at GRENLEC’s Customer Care Centres at Grenville, Carriacou, Bruce Street and Grand Anse.

GRENLEC collaborates with the Floral Conception Team comprised of Catherine John, Hillary McNeilly, June Church and Carol Thomas, while Sherma Mitchell produces the Grenville display.  The exposition provides a vehicle for the Company to celebrate Grenada’s independence and has been an annual feature since 2012.

GRENLEC also extends appreciation to Glenn Phillip, Dennis Noel, Fletcher Frank, John Criswick, Cicely Wilkinson, Patsy Mathlin, Paula Burke and Gemma Fleming for their kind contribution spices, flora and foliage for the displays.

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