Grenada Arts Council Embraces Community

In a bold, inclusive step, the Grenada Arts Council has stepped out of the capital city for its 51st annual exhibit. Joining the St Paul’s community in their Independence celebrations on Sunday, 8 February, the GAC will open this edition of the Annual show in the big space provided there.

Artists have been encouraged to make big works, because the space allows for it. President of the GAC, Dr Oliver Benoit, expresses his excitement about this new initiative. “Taking art to the community has long been a dream of mine. Ideas for art can come from anywhere, and exposing the possibilities in this setting can only be good for the growth of our nation.”

Art Exhibit
Art Exhibit

Because of budget constraints, the GAC was forced to close its gallery space on Young Street. Nonetheless, the volunteers who love art and see its potential for growth in Grenada have continued to work quietly, behind the scenes, to ensure that this annual exhibit becomes a reality.

The public is encouraged to make a trip to St Paul’s for the opening on Sunday at 5 pm. It is free, as is the admission for the community activities. The exhibit will continue daily through the end of February, 10 am to 5 pm.

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