Illegal Sand Mining

The Royal Grenada Police Force is cracking down on illegal sand mining.

Persons engaged in such practice can expect to face prosecution, once caught.

Section 2 of the Beach Protection Act Chapter 29 of Volume 2 of the 2010 Continuous Revised Laws of Grenada makes it illegal for any person to dig or take and carry away any sand, stone, shingle or gravel from the seashore.

Illegal sand mining is noted to be occurring at the following beaches, Conference and Telescope in St Andrew, Secret Harbor (Lance Aux Epines) and Beausejour Bay, St George.

In recent times, four men, Trevor Beissaseur, David and Stephen Williams, and Dennis Sandy all of Conference, St Andrew, were arrested and charged for the offense of illegal sand mining. Also arrested was Jenny Samuel, 43 years old, of Conference. Samuel, who is the owner of the truck involved in the transportation of the sand, was charged for fraudulent use of a vehicle registration plate.

Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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