Levy on Used Tyres Reconsidered

There could soon be some adjustment to the $25 Environmental Levy charged on used tyres.

Cabinet is now awaiting a recommendation from the Ministry of Finance, following a recent meeting with used tyre dealers.

The levy on tyres is among measures already announced in the Structural Adjustment Programme, and dealers gave positive feedback during consultation with officials from the Ministry of Finance.

“What was very clear in the meeting… they recognized the fact that they needed to clean-up the environment and were willing to contribute to that,” said Minister for Economic Development, Hon. Oliver Joseph. “So they did not mind a charge on the used tyres. What they were concerned about was the amount. Everyone in the meeting made recommendations for some figure, so that was very encouraging”.

The new levy on tyres is being considered amid ongoing public concerns for government to address matters regarding the environment. “What the Ministry of Finance will do now is to take into consideration all the views of the tyre importers and make a recommendation to cabinet for the consideration,” the Minister explained. “So you will see some movement in the Environmental Levy of $25 that is charged now on used tyres”.


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