DeAllie Resigns from SMC Board

Christopher De Allie

By Linda Straker

Less than one month after his appointment, Senator Christopher DeAllie has resigned from the Board of the Spicemas Corporation, citing personal reasons.

“Personally, I have a heavy workload, and even though I will like to make a contribution, I realise that I will not be able to give it the time and the energy it deserves, so I decided it was better to resign than to remain and not contribute effectively,” DeAllie explained.

DeAllie, who is General Manager of Sissons Paints, sits on other Government Boards and represents the business community in the Upper House of Parliament. It is understood that because of his background in finance and management, he was expected to chair the finance committee of the SMC Board.

DeAllie was one of two persons who was recently appointment to the SMC. The other is CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Rudi Grant. According to the legislation which established setting up of the Spicemas Corporation and the format for selecting members for the Board, the members are tasked with marketing, organising and coordinating all carnival activities.

The Board should be no more than 12 persons, having experience in matters relating to Business and Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations. There shall be a representative from the Mas Bands Association, Calypso Organisation, and Steelband Association, as well as three other persons Cabinet may consider fit to conduct the business of the Board.

Though in outstanding debt of almost EC$1 million, the SMC is set to launch the 2015 Carnival celebrations on Saturday at the Roy St John Playing Field at Tanteen. It is scheduled to start at 3 pm with the opening of a children’s village, with the main activity to commence at 5 pm.

Speaking on the population “To the point’ radio programme on Thursday, Director Andy Chichester said that the launch will provide an opportunity for the stakeholders in Carnival to present their 2015 portrayals.

It is expected that there will displays from traditional and fancy mas’ bands, as well as renditions from calypso and soca artistes. The theme for Spicemas 2015 is: “It’s Majestic, It’s Authentic, It’s Splendour, It’s We Mas: SPICEMAS!”

Chichester explained that the theme was selected because the focus for 2015 will be on the fancy mas’ aspect of Carnival.

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