Grenada Chocolate Fest 2015

The 2015 Grenada Chocolate Festival celebrates the island’s delicious high quality cocoa and chocolate from 8 to 17 May. Now in its second year, the festival creates a platform for cocoa farmers, together with chocolate producers and vendors, local business, schools, hotels and restaurants, food sellers, and everyone who has a passion for chocolate.

Cocoa Beans

Our theme this year is “Bean to Bar” inspired by the pioneering work of Mott Green and the Grenada Chocolate Cooperative. It follows the story of cocoa from the farmers all the way to the chocolate bar and aims to raise the profile of Grenadian cocoa and chocolate, and celebrate its current and future potential.

Grenada is at the forefront of a global trend for high quality, ethically produced, single origin, organic cocoa.  It is 1 of only 17 countries internationally producing this exclusive product.  Furthermore, 100% of the cocoa produced on the island is of high quality, a status achieved by only 8 other countries worldwide.

The launch of the festival is on Friday, 8 May, 6pm at True Blue Bay Resort. Everyone is invited to to join and “Get in the Mood for Chocolate” at the opening party with Creole folk band “Bwa Mabi” sponsored by the Alliance Française de la Grenade, and a charity silent auction.

Grenada Chocolate Fest 2
Grenada Chocolate Ice-Cream


Come and meet some of the farmers during the festival at the “It’s all about the Bean to Bar” event at Belmont Estate and the Grenada Chocolate Company on Monday, 11 May. It will include a tasting session with cocoa and chocolate expert Dr Darin Sukha from the Cocoa Research Centre, UWI. “Meet the Farmers” on Wednesday, 13 May, or “Be a Farmer for a Day” on Friday, 15 May, at Crayfish Bay Plantation in Victoria. Transport has been arranged to all events from True Blue Bay Resort and full programme details are available at

There are a number of free events including the “Cocoa Chocolate Art Exhibition” at Art and Soul Gallery, Spiceland Mall at 5pm on Tuesday, 12 May. The “Arts Crafts and Chocolate Bazaar and Fashion Show” is from 4 to 9 pm on Saturday, 16 May, at True Blue Bay Resort. A free lecture on the history of chocolate by Ana Rita Garcia, founder of Mucho Chocolato Museum, Mexico City at the Art and Soul Gallery at 5:30pm on Wednesday, 13 May. Alongside the events, there is a charity silent auction for Vendome RC School and Mount Zion Library.


Tickets are available from True Blue Bay Resort
Telephone: (473) 443 8783   Email:


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