“Enough Garbage” says True Blue Bay Resort

Following a recent workshop hosted by the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA), True Blue Bay Resort has committed to eliminate waste completely by June 2016.

The Fielden family, which owns and operates True Blue Bay Resort, has a history of sustainable leadership in the GHTA community, having played an active role in the GHTA’s Energy Campaign which has resulted in several properties retrofitting their businesses to reduce pollution and conserve energy; playing an integral role in obtaining the Compete Caribbean Grant awarded to the GHTA that created the ‘Pure Grenada’ brand; and most recently building the library at the Vendome School.

“We plan to reduce our daily waste by June 2016,” stated Marie Fielden, HR/ Environmental manager for the Resort. “Hotels produce a ton of garbage, but with a little effort most of it is recyclable. Our challenge here in Grenada is finding companies prepared to take the recycled material” stated Marie. “We believe that with the help of other hotels and businesses, we can create sufficient waste to make this a viable business for a Grenadian entrepreneur.” She further stated that Styrofoam containers should be totally banned from being imported into Grenada, and that at True Blue Bay they have been using recyclable alternatives for some time, so there really is no need to bring these hazardous materials into the country.

Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association

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