Grenlec 24-Hr Bill Enquiry Service


Grenlec is inviting customers to try its new 24-hr automated telephone service to check their account balances and payment due dates.

Company officials are excited about the opportunity to provide customers with access to basic billing information by utilising Interactive Voice Technology that understands human speech. This powerful speech recognition feature facilitates ease of use, giving customers a choice between using touch-tone or simply speaking into the phone.

Casandra Slocombe, Customer Services Manager, believes customers will welcome the convenience of the new service, which is available 24-hours every day of the week, including weekends. Announcing the launch of the service, Mrs Slocombe said, “it will reduce waiting time for customers who are calling for basic account information, as well as speed up the call transfer time for other customers who need to speak to a representative.”

Customers will need the Grenlec Access No. located on the top right hand panel of their bill to use this system. This unique number will verify the specific account for which the system needs to provide information.

Slocombe explains, “We want to make it easier for customers who want to reach us by providing a 3-digit access number for all Grenlec services. While 237 has been traditionally used for faults and emergencies, it is now a general service number, including Grenlec’s 24-hour emergency and fault line. 237 will be easy for customers to remember and dial.”

237 is also the number for customers calling to access Grenlec’s new 24-hr. automated bill enquiries system and other Grenlec services.

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