Moves to Tackle Seaweed Problem

Efforts are underway to clear the Sargassum Seaweed on the Eastern Side of the island, which is causing problems for residents.

The large pile-up, generating a strong and unpleasant stench especially in Marquis and Soubise, has been declared an emergency by NaDMA.

Stakeholders from NaDMA, the Environment, the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Fisheries and Works, Police, Port Authority, district coordinators and residents of the affected areas, met Monday afternoon at NaDMA, to tackle the issue.

It was decided that the seaweed or Sargassum will be cleared from the affected area and stored for assessment.

A five-member team was selected and was Tuesday expected to assess the four areas targeted for storage — Hope, Pearls, Simon and the Telescope Quarry.

The Sargassum is said to be generating Hydrogen Sulfide — a gas that is dangerous to health.

Villagers have reported a decline in the fishing industry and the corrosion of appliances, jewelry and household items.

NaDMA, who is spearheading the effort, will also be carrying out a medical assessment of residents in Marquis and Soubise to ascertain their health and well-being, so that appropriate assistance can be provided.

There is urgency by stakeholders to prevent the Sargassum from spreading to the Western side of the island.


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