Local Shipping Companies Thanked

Two local shipping companies, Compass Shipping and PJP Shipping Grenada Inc, were guests of the Hon. Nickolas Steele – Health Minister of Grenada, who on Tuesday evening expressed thanks to these companies for their continued support.

Both companies have been providing support to the Ministry for several years by shipping much-needed medical supplies, equipment and accessories from the USA and Canada to Grenada.

In a surprise gesture, the Ministry presented both companies with plaques of appreciation. Health Minister Steele told officials of both companies that their support and services are well noted and appreciated.

Acknowledging that both companies operate a profit driven business, Steele said the Ministry continues to be appreciative of their generosity.

Each year, Compass Shipping and PJP Shipping Grenada Inc. undertake the cost and other associated shipping expenses for medical supplies, equipment and accessories, to Grenada from the diaspora.

The companies’ representatives also pledge their unwavering support for Grenada.


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