Caribbean Growth Forum: Summary

What is the Caribbean Growth Forum?

The Caribbean Growth Forum (CGF) is a policy platform launched by Caribbean heads of state in 2012 to accelerate inclusive private-sector-led growth reforms. The first-ever regional public-private dialogue of its kind, the CGF is a platform where civil society, private sector and government agree on priority pro-growth reforms and hold each other accountable for reform implementation. There are 3 main themes: investment climate, skills and productivity, and logistics and connectivity.

Phase 2 of the CGF, to be launched in Grenada in April 2017, focuses on more detailed implementation and monitoring of reforms to deliver results.

The initiative is facilitated by the World Bank Group (WBG), Caribbean Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank with support from the CARICOM Secretariat, the University of the West Indies and several donors.

How does the CGF add value to reform implementation?

  • Involves a range of national stakeholders through public-private dialogue to catalyse a home-grown development agenda, ensures government priorities reflect inputs of society, and provides accountability mechanisms that commit governments to deliver
  • Provides platform for private sector and civil society to shape national reforms and track implementation
  • Fosters knowledge sharing at the national and regional level to better inform and influence the private sector-led growth agenda
  • Communicates and disseminates information to the wider public

Rapid Results Initiative

The Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) methodology will be utilised to support the implementation of select CGF reforms in Grenada by mobilising teams to achieve tangible results within 100 days.

Next Steps of CGF in Grenada

CGF Phase 2 Technical Launch – 8 to 10 March 2017 (already completed)
CGF Phase 2 National Launch – 26 April 2017
RRI launch – 2 days to be announced


Source: Ministry of Finance & Energy

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