NaDMA Issues 2017 Primary Emergency Shelters List

The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) has issued the approved list of Primary Emergency Shelters for 2017, covering all 17 districts across the state.



  1. Bogles Community Centre
  2. Dover Government School
  3. Glad Tidings Assembly
  4. Harvey Vale Government School
  5. L’ Esterre Rosary School

Petite Martinique

  1. Petite Martinique RC Church
  2. Petite Martinique RC School


  1. Clozier Community Centre
  2. Concord Seventh Day Adventist Church
  3. Florida Seventh Day Adventist Church
  4. Grand Roy Government School
  5. Mt Granby Seven Day Adventist Church
  6. St John’s RC School
  7. St Rose Modern Secondary School


St Andrew North East

  1. La Poterie Seven Day Adventist Church
  2. Tivoli RC School

St Andrew North West

  1. Dunfermline Evangelical Church
  2. Faith Tabernacle Seventh Day Adventist Church
  3. Mt Lounge Seventh Day Adventist Church
  4. Mt Longue Camp Site
  5. Mirabeau Seventh Day Adventist Church
  6. Paraclete Government School
  7. Paradise Seven Day Adventist Church

St Andrew South East

  1. Mamma Cannes Community Centre
  2. St Andrews Anglican Secondary School

St Andrew South West

  1. Harford Village Community Centre
  2. Holy Innocent Anglican Primary School
  3. New Testament Church, Birchgrove
  4. Richmond Seventh Day Adventist Church
  5. St Joseph Convent (Grenville)
  6. Union Community Centre


  1. Mt Rich Pre-Primary School
  2. Mt Rose Seventh Day Adventist Church
  3. River Sallee Seventh Day Adventist Church
  4. Rose Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church
  5. Snell Hall Seventh Day Adventist Church and School
  6. St Patrick Anglican School


St David North

  1. Corinth Seventh Day Adventist Church
  2. Corinth Community Centre
  3. Crochu Multi-Purpose Centre
  4. Marlmount Development Centre
  5. St David’s RC School
  6. St Joseph’s RC School (Pomme Rose)
  7. St Theresa’s RC School
  8. Westerhall Seventh Day Adventist Church


St George North East

  1. Beaulieu RC School – Ground floor
  2. Beaulieu Seventh Day Adventist Church – Ground floor
  3. Boca Secondary School – Ground floor
  4. Constantine Methodist Church
  5. St Mary’s Junior School
  6. Vendome RC School

St George North West

  1. Cherry Hill Community Centre
  2. Fontenoy Community Centre – Ground floor
  3. Grand Mal Seventh Day Adventist Church
  4. Happy Hill Secondary School – All ground floor sections
  5. Mt Moritz Anglican School
  6. Mt Moritz Seventh Day Adventist Church
  7. New Hampshire Methodist Church
  8. Uganda Martyrs Catholic School – first floor of building with concrete roof & ground floor of two story building

St George South East

  1. Bethel Church Hall (St Paul’s)
  2. St Paul’s Government School

South St George

  1. Calliste Government School
  2. Gateway Assembly
  3. Maranatha Seventh Day Adventist Church (Morne Toute) – Ground floor
  4. South St George Government School
  5. Springs Open Bible Church
  6. Woodlands Berean Church

Town of St George

  1. Anglican High School – Concrete roof section
  2. Grenada Boys Secondary School – All ground floors
  3. St George’s Anglican Junior School – Ground floor
  4. St Joseph’s Convent, St George’s

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