New Speed Bump in Calivigny

Speed bump

by Donella Hosten

Almost 2 weeks after a fatal road accident in the Calivigny area, close to the newly built SOG Supermarket, the Royal Grenada Police Force has installed a speed bump.

Head of the Community Relations Department, ASP Sylvan Mc Intyre, said there have been a number of complaints raised by pedestrians and motorists about non-compliance with the speed limits.

According to the ASP, a survey was done and this new speed bump will serve to reduce persons’ tendency to speed. Although some persons are of the opinion that one speed bump may do little to curb speeding in the area, ASP Mc Intyre stated if it is necessary to put other measures in place, they are prepared to take the necessary steps.

Mc Intyre assured that this is not a “one off job”, however, he is urging all road users to be mindful of the speed limits, and to be more vigilant.

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