World No Tobacco Day: Tobacco — A Threat To Development

The members of the Grenada Cancer Society encourage every citizen to abstain from tobacco use in acknowledgement of World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2017. The theme of this year’s anti-tobacco campaign, as proposed by the World Health Organisation is “Tobacco — a threat to development.”

Tobacco is most commonly consumed through the use of cigarettes. As a result, smoking is now the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. The use of tobacco, through cigarette smoking, can lead to disability and many diseases including various types of cancers. The consumption of tobacco is proven to negatively affect a nation’s economic development and the health of its population. On 31 May  2017, we would like to urge every individual to play their part in ensuring that we make Grenada a sustainable, tobacco-free environment.

Grenada Cancer Society

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