SMC Recipient of ‘Jab On The Sea’ Artwork Depicting Carnival

Gilbert Nero presenting “Jab on the Sea” painting to SMC CEO Kirk Seetahal

by Linda Straker

Gilbert Nero, also known as “K1,” is known for his musical talents. His many carnival hits have gotten him into the final stages of Soca and Groovy competitions organised by the Spicemas Corporation (SMC).

On Tuesday, Nero donated a breath-taking piece of artwork to SMC, called “Jab on the Sea.” The painting depicts a man pushing a boat at a sailing festival. The boat, Nero said is his concept of “Spicemas” sailing out to the “great unknown” with Jab Jabs on the sails guiding the path through unchartered waters.

Kirk Seetahal, Chief Executive Officer of SMC, received the painting on behalf of the Management and Board of Directors and assured that the painting would be on full-time display at the office. “All who come into our office, for whatever reason will be able to see the piece. It’s really a reflection of our carnival with a special focus on Jab Jab, and the unique difference it brings to our annual carnival celebrations. Jab Jab is a Grenadian thing and 1 of the things that makes our carnival special on J’ouvert morning.”

“This was donated to us, so we will not ever put it up for sale, and thus the financial value will never be made public. We at the SMC truly appreciate this gift because it tells the story of growth in our carnival,” Seetahal elaborated.

This is the 2nd artwork Nero has donated. The first was to the carnival committee in 2012, which hangs on the wall of the Grenada Cultural Foundation.

Nero, was high in commendation for the work of the SMC, and has pledged his support to the SMC and culture. He was awarded Most Outstanding Youth in Culture, at the National Youth Awards hosted by the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Sports in 2011. He is scheduled to participate in the competition rounds of the 2017 Soca and Groovy competition.

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