GDL’s AMAZ-IN Chocolate Crème Liqueur Based on Grenada Cocoa

by Donella Hosten

Grenada Distillers Limited (GDL) has added yet another uniquely flavoured liqueur to its collection of rum products.

Friday, 28 July 2017, saw the launching of GDL’s first ever AMAZ-IN Chocolate Crème Liqueur, a Grenada cocoa-based product, mixed with finest flavours or cream and rum.

AMAZ-IN is the brainchild of Margaret Bernard, of St Patrick, who began making the product at her home for a number of years before approaching Leroy Neckles, Chairman of the GDL, with her unique idea.

During Friday’s launch, Bernard, humbled by the occasion, profusely thanked Neckles and the GDL team for taking the chance and giving her the opportunity to work with them to create AMAZ-IN Chocolate Crème Liqueur. She was more than proud to have her product associated with the GDL, the biggest distillery in Grenada. “I am proud to stand here today, and I want to say thank you.” She added, “For me making this chocolate product brings to mind the power of collaboration of the human being to overcome challenges.”

Although AMAZ-IN is not yet available in shops and supermarkets across the island, those present at the launch were given the opportunity to purchase as many bottles as they desired. They also got a chance to sample the chocolate rum at the end of the launch. A date for distribution has not yet been confirmed, however, Grenadians can look forward to GDL’s newest addition to their spirit line-up.

Also speaking about the new product was GDL’s Production Manager, Devon Date. According to him, this product is a true representation of Grenada and ‘Grenadian pride.’ He described it as having the best cocoa coupled with the best rum, as he boasted about the GDL’s quality commodities. “Quality is the currency that drives us at GDL.”

Additionally, Date stated that despite the GDL’s numerous accolades, they are always ready and willing to work along with persons and small businesses who may have different ideas on how to develop new products. According to Date, gone are the days when ‘rum drinking’ simply involved going to a shop and purchasing an eighth of rum, as ‘we [have made] rum drinking classy,’ through the premium and boutique rums such as Old Grog, Black Gold and their famous 12-year aged rum #37.

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