GDSA: Enhancing the Lives of Individuals with Down Syndrome

The members of the Grenada Down Syndrome Association (GDSA) would like to inform the general public of the services we seek to offer the citizens of Grenada.

“Our aim is to enhance the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome, helping to reach their full potential by providing public education, family support, education and social opportunities.” We are keen and willing to assist these persons in our communities in any capacity, whether it is socially, physically or financially. It is our passion to ensure that persons with Down Syndrome are given equal opportunities in life as we believe that they are beneficial to our society and would love to be given the opportunity to give back.

There are many ways in which you can donate to our cause:

  • With your time. Contact us and we will let you know when and where.
  • By hiring a person with Down Syndrome. They are skillful people and can be an asset at your firm.
  • Be supportive to a family.
  • By donating money to the Grenada Down Syndrome Association.

If you are aware of any persons with Down Syndrome within your community who you believe could use our assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 1 (473) 536-3000 or email us at Find us on Facebook. We would like to help!

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