Shopkeepers on Western Side Targeted by Scammer

by Donella Hosten

Shopkeepers on the western side of the island are urged to be alert and vigilant of persons from whom they purchase goods.

On Monday, 10 July 2017 a report was made to the Central Police Station by a female shopkeeper, who fell victim to a fraudster, a young man claiming to be a sales agent, with goods at very reasonable prices. Shortly after, a second shopkeeper unaware of the situation, was unfortunately also conned into giving the ‘sales agent’ money for goods which she did not receive.

An area shopkeeper said she has never once seen the man with any goods, and she did not purchase anything from him as she didn’t need anything at the time. The scheme involves his requesting money first, then asking for a glass of water before he leaves to fetch the goods in his vehicle, but never returning. The ‘sales agent’ was last seen on Monday 10 July driving a dark green RAV4 licensed PAB 353.

It has also alleged that the young man is sometimes accompanied by individuals — decoys to further scheme and steal monies from shopkeepers.

According to one victim, the Police advised her to alert other shopkeepers and encourage those who have been scammed to report the incidents. Unfortunately, at time of writing, no one has been able to provide an image nor description of the alleged perpetrator(s).

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