A Sight for Sore Eyes

Sagging Pants

by Brian JM Joseph

Our young men have adopted the North American prison style of wearing pants below their bottom, and they are doing it as a fashion statement.

Nobody wants to see your worn-out briefs or boxers; no one is interested in seeing your overused dirty underwear. Please keep that to yourself. Literally, everywhere you go that’s happening amongst young men and some women are doing it; this is so disrespectful and disgusting.

It’s a degrading practice of a dying generation of youths who are trapped within the ghetto of their minds. We are losing our culture and heritage due to North American influence that’s pushing our culture of modesty aside, all because of foreign adaptations. I hate to see this portrayal of our young men, sagging pants below bottom. I view this as degrading oneself to the lowest level one can possibly imagine, lower than a snake belly and that’s ‘dirt.’ Is this how you see yourself, young men and women? I know you have value and worth and you can certainly do better, so ‘please tighten up your belts and pull up your socks.’

Pants are supposed to be worn with a belt around your waist, not below your bottom. Let’s be responsible young men and women and do the right thing time to make some positive impacts and changes with your lives. You are special and unique therefore time to make an effort to revolutionise your life; be recognised for being good and productive citizens of this country. Those bad fashion statements don’t define you as individuals, don’t be influenced by friends or peer pressure. Be yourself and don’t try to imitate prison style and incorporate it as being fashionable because it’s not. I can’t see any good in this kind of unethical degrading behaviors. Is that the legacy we would want to leave for our children? Are those the footsteps they must follow? I certainly don’t think so because we can do much better.

The biggest level of hypocrisy here is they called themselves thugs and gangsters with sagging pants (LMAO), with a style that imitated from prison. How ironic — those behaviours simply mean ‘I’m available to come to me.’

They really need to educate themselves because they are the same ones that sit on the block and harass individuals belonging to the LGBTQI community, using slurs, and calling them nasty names — yet look at their fashion statement. Whenever they see a well-dressed young man, they refer to him as being gay and often calls him a ‘big girl’ or ‘she.’ These young men really need to check themselves thoroughly and they should ask themselves, who are displaying the North American prison inmate style — is it the well-dressed young man, or the one with the sagging pants showing his bottom or unclean undergarments?

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