Launch of Morne Longue Agricultural Input Shop – a Marep Sponsored Rural Project

Morne Longue Agricultural Input Shop

On Tuesday, 1 August, the Morne Longue Productive Farmers Organisation, one of MAREP’s Rural Investment Fund (RIF) Enterprise Window Projects, officially launched its Agricultural Input Shop.

The project costing EC$40,042.58, will focus on providing agricultural supplies and equipment rental to farmers within the community of Morne Longue and surrounding communities in St Andrew. This will provide sustainable avenues for direct income and employment to it its 8 members.

In attendance were Honourable Delma Thomas, Parliamentary Representative; Byron Campbell, Programme Manager, MAREP; George Phillip, Senior Extension Officer, Ministry of Agriculture; Pastor Leroy Pursue; members of Morne Longue Organization, community persons and MAREP staff.

Parliamentary Representative for St Andrew North West, Honourable Delma Thomas expressed pleasure and welcomed the launch of the Agricultural Input Shop. In her remarks, she stated, “the project focuses on empowerment of people” and she “positively believes that the goals of the community organisation are viable and achievable to assist in the development of the community.”

President of the Morne Longue Productive Farmers Organisation, Imotep Baptiste, voiced his appreciation to MAREP on the continuous support. “The journey was a long 2 years, however, through it all we were able to press forward with God, hard work and assistance from the MAREP team, especially, Danessa Joseph, Community and Youth Officer for St Andrew.”

MAREP is pleased to have reached this stage of implementation with the completion of the 5th Rural Investment Fund (RIF) Project. The community based projects seek to contribute to the establishment of profitable and competitive rural businesses of legally registered organisations.

The MAREP programme is fulfilling its commitment to increased employment and income generation opportunities, sustainable rural businesses’ growth, as well as, increased level of empowerment of rural men and women within parishes across Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

For further information, please call 442-0100/0105, or email or fax 442-0104.

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