Pure Grenada Rated Among Top Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

St George’s Cruise Port (GTA)

The leading cruise review site has recognised Pure Grenada, Spice of the Caribbean as one of the top 5 Southern Caribbean destinations for cruises.

CruiseCritic.com recently announced the winners of its 2nd annual Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards based entirely on consumer ratings submitted to the website for trips within the last year. The awards name the top cruise destinations across 15 regions worldwide.

Cruise Critic boasts the world’s largest online cruise community, with more than 350,000 cruise reviews, covering approximately 500 cruise ships and over 300 worldwide ports. About Pure Grenada, one consumer wrote, “Very nice island. Enjoyed walking around the downtown area,” while another commented, “Beautiful port, took the water taxi to the beach with a number of our family members.”

Speaking of the awards this year, Senior Executive Editor of Cruise Critic Colleen McDaniel explained, “Itineraries are incredibly important to today’s cruisers who are more focused than ever on where they’re going and what they can do while they’re there. Cruise lines have focused on expanding their offerings to quench that thirst for exploration – and this year’s list of winning destinations shows the wide array of adventures cruising offers.”

Ahead, of the upcoming cruise season, Pure Grenada is already buzzing with a number of new onshore excursions to cater to every taste. These attractions include culinary tours that introduce visitors to Grenada’s world-famous spices, hiking tours to some of Grenada’s breathtaking ridges in the north and the Grenada High Wire Canopy obstacle course set in our mystic rain forest. ‘Bean To Bar’ chocolate tours, pristine white sandy beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, underwater adventures and much more are there to be enjoyed.

CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority Patricia Maher says the award is a testament to Pure Grenada’s popularity. She further stated, “The GTA has been working closely with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), major cruise lines, the Ministry of Tourism and key local stakeholders to improve product offerings and keep Pure Grenada top of mind when planning itineraries.”

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2 thoughts on “Pure Grenada Rated Among Top Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

  1. Albert Matthew

    I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the Tourism article on Grenada. It give great pleasure to hear that such an awardhas been placed on our country, I am a Grenadian but have left the country more than thirty years ago ,although I have visited on numerous occasions, my last visit in the month if July of this year was not a great one. From a visitors point of view I have seen a lot that meets the eyes for much improvements . Case in point, to being I firmly believe we need to set some rules and regulations for the drivers especially in the city limits, parking need to addressed within the city limits,as to accommodate visitors that are visiting along the locals. Parking must be addressed so visitors can have better access to the local shops, the Government must address the issues with the venders,by building facilities for anyone wanting to sell within the city limits. These facilities should be offers to the venders,at a low weekly or monthly charge. In my opinion the city looks too much like a Getto,but also makes it difficult for pedestrians to travel around the narrow streets, if we are going to maintain a high presence in the Tourism industry we need to one of the best,and the last time I checked we are surely lacking in many areas, we should not be followers but leaders ,by us receiving a and acceptable make from a tourism critic,does not mean we should rest . I visited the Granetang lake and I was surprised to see that locals are destroying our own natural resources but cooling and leaving discarded items on these prestigious grounds.i do believe that special care should be administered to these resources. I also believe that the grounds should be more spectacular for visitors ,we have all of these great plants in Grenada which show be planted and displayed to enhance the beauty of the lake ,the roads entering needs manor attention,what is the mining of parks and Tourisum doing, maybe we need some rest ideas, we are surely losing the very essence of the what really made us who we really. I’ll be looking forward to a response from some one within the department. Thanks

  2. The Grand Poobah

    This Release is incredibly self effacing, as are all Government Releases everywhere in the world. Any unbiased observer such as Mr. Matthew makes a more accurate assessment of the situation. Reminds me of the saying “Just because something is not true, does not mean that you can’t believe it”! Were my father alive today, he would say “PURE skite!”

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