Boca Secondary Launches TVET Programme for Primary Schools in District 6

Boca Secondary School

Boca Secondary School has embarked on an educational initiative to strengthen the relationships between the school and primary schools in District 6.

The Technical & Vocational Educational Training (TVET) programme aims to expose primary school students to some of the technical areas of study offered at the Boca Secondary School.

“This is another pillar on an already solid foundation for us as a secondary school. We continue to bridge the gap between primary school and the secondary school climate that is actually a key to ensuring a great future for our youth. The regional and by extension the world is moving towards technology and technical vocations, and we are moving with it,” said Cephas Belfon; Principal of Boca Secondary School.

The scope of knowledge students will be opened to in the inaugural programme is in keeping with a vision of the school’s drive to educate Grenada’s youth, as the school strives to ensure all its students move on to the workforce or to further their education with at least 1 technical subject. The entrants will have a window into the many skills that can be studied and mastered at the school, in hopes of a better relationship between the school and the community as well as improving the overall performance of the school.

The 2 areas of study for the TVET programme are Introduction to Building & Furniture Technology and Introduction to Electronic & Electrical Technology, with a duration of 10 weeks, for 1 1/2 hours once a week. TVET will be facilitated by teachers of the Boca Secondary School.

The launch of the Technical & Vocational Educational Training (TVET) programme will be held on Friday, 8 September at 1 pm at the school compound. Representatives from the Ministry of Education, corporate sponsors of the programme, the Parliamentary Representatives and participating primary schools will be present.

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