Interruptions to the Start Date for Some Schools and Temporary Relocation of Students

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development informs the public that there will be interruptions to the start date for some schools and, in some cases, temporary relocation of students, as the ministry resolves various issues, and school improvement projects begin, at several institutions.

St George’s Methodist Primary and Park View Pre-school, will reopen on Monday, 11 September, as a result of ongoing renovations to a retaining wall at the back of the school.

Staff and students of Constantine Methodist School in St George, will return to school on 18 September, due to ongoing refurbishment work on the school.

Holy Cross Catholic School (Munich) will reopen on Wednesday, 6 September, due to ongoing refurbishment work on the school.

Staff and students of St Andrew’s Anglican Primary School, Samaritan Presbyterian School and the Grenada Christian Academy, returned to school as scheduled on 4 September. Although refurbishment work is outstanding for these schools, the principals and staff agreed to facilitate the reopening of school, pending the commencement of work.

The ministry apologises for any inconvenience caused, as a result of the above-mentioned situations and resulting delays, and thanks the public for their patience and understanding in this regard, as it aims to provide adequate learning environments for the nation’s children.


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