Grenada Cultural Foundation’s First National Cultural Awards

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Grenada is to witness the first National Cultural Awards by the Grenada Cultural Foundation. The awards ceremony which is carded for 3 December 2017 will see some 20 persons involved in culture being awarded for the first time.

The Grenada Cultural Foundation (GCF) is spearheading the initiative to honour some of the iconic and patriotic cultural practitioners who have been contributing to the rich cultural heritage of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

A 6-member selection committee has been established by the foundation consisting of Hugh Dolland, Colin Dowe, Marlene Neptune and 3 GCF board members, Elvis Morain, James Stafford and Royden Beharry. The committee will receive nominations and proceed with selections of the top nominees guided by and in accordance with an established criterion.

Honourees will be selected in accordance with the following award criteria, based upon the degree of demonstrated excellence and the impact on society. It is important to note that if not all, most of the requirements must be fulfilled.

Award recipients would have made a significant impact on society with outstanding dedication, competence, exceptional performance, excellent service and ingenuity

  • The nominees must be Grenadian citizens living in or out of Grenada
  • They must have given at least 5 years in their various categories or have performed at a high level of success that is deemed extraordinary
  • Exemplary Achievement and Performance: Consistently and substantially exceeding expectations, performing at a level above and beyond; has made important and significant contributions in their particular area.
  • Facilitates a meaningful and transformative experience for the individual and the community
  • Contributes to social and cultural cohesion, community identity, sustainability as well as economic and cultural development
  • Enhances the vitality and vibrancy of the Grenadian community

Organisations, groups and individuals are asked to submit nominees to the Grenada Cultural Foundation Suite # 135 Grenada National Stadium, Queen’s Park, on or before 17 November 2017.

The CEO of the Grenada Cultural Foundation, Shirma Wells lamented the fact that there are several unsung heroes in the cultural fraternity who need to be duly recognised for their contributions, and this is the time to show them appreciation. The 20 chosen awards are in 6 different genres including music, dance, drama, arts, carnival and singing. There will also be a People’s Choice Award for a young and upcoming practitioner which will be judged via a texting platform. The major award will be the prestigious Prime Minister’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The following are the categories for awards:

Genre Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5 Amount
Music Producer Instrument Band Pan 4
Drama Theatre Actor Actress 3
Dance Folk Modern/creative 2
Visual Arts Art Photography Video 3
Carnival Mas 1
Vocals Calypso Soca Groovy Contemporary Reggae 5
People’s Choice (young practitioner) 1
Prime Minister’s Lifetime Award Outstanding contributor 1
Amount 20

The foundation is very pleased with the response for this initiative so far and is looking forward to the public’s support in honouring our cultural icons. The event is carded to be held at the Radisson Hotel Ball Room in a red-carpet affair.

Grenada Cultural Foundation

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