National Lotteries Authority Recognises Grenada’s Media

Group-shot of media personnel who won in the newly-launched $3 Scratch game

Representatives of Grenada’s media entities and freelance media practitioners were treated with a banquet-style luncheon and tokens of appreciation, compliments the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) at the Grenada National Cricket Stadium Level One Players’ Pavilion on Friday, 27 October 2017, in recognition of their support of the NLA.

Speaking at the luncheon, the NLA’s General Manager Geoffrey Gilbert, spoke about the critical role of the media in informing the general public of news pertaining to the NLA. He said, “About 1/10 of our population participates in lottery games, and our player-base is ageing. Therefore, your contributions, through informing, advertising and promoting the NLA’s games, help us to further develop Grenada.”

The NLA took the opportunity to inform the media personnel about the organisation’s planned promotions for the fourth quarter of 2017. Speaking of the plans was the NLA’s Marketing Manager, Reecè Sam. She outlined the 4 scheduled promotions, which she said are ‘aimed at providing added value to the NLA’s players in the form of 2nd chances at winning, more attractive prizes and acquiring new customers.’

NLA’s Marketing & Business Development Officer Olivia Victor handing over token to Wee FM’s Petra Louison

Promo #1 – Carnival FEBulosity will see 3 winners of the NLA’s daily games earning expense-paid trips for themselves and a friend each, to travel to Trinidad & Tobago, St Vincent & the Grenadines or Carriacou to enjoy their carnivals.

Promo #2 – Ham & Wine – The Parish Edition will allow for players of the NLA’s $2 Scratch games to have chances at winning hams, wines and branded giveaways every Friday in a different parish, and Carriacou, from the last Friday of November to the end of December.

Promo #3 – Lotta Money Lotto Booster involves the one-off boosting of the NLA’s home-grown Lotto Jackpot by at least EC$100,000 after the Lotto Draw of Wednesday, 29 November 2017.

Promo #4 is the most exciting of the lot for us at the NLA. It involves the launch of our $3 Scratch games which boasts of a top-prize of EC$25,000 – our biggest ever for Scratch games in Grenada. Additionally, players of the $3 Scratch game will have 2nd chances at winning a stove, a refrigerator or paid monthly living expenses for one year, capped at EC$3,000 in the Live-FREE-For-A-Year promotion.

Tickets of newly-launched $3 Scratch game White Hot 7s

Media practitioners were privileged last Friday to be the first to win the NLA’s $3 Scratch game – White Hot 7s, which allows for 7 options at winning. At least 5 media workers showcased their instant winnings, with a couple of them winning more than once, as well.

In closing, the media complimented the NLA on the ‘timely and well-thought-out promotions,’ designed by the NLA; and pledged that the organisations will continue to support the NLA in its quest to bring added value to customers, while the NLA fulfils its mandate.


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