Resounding Victory for Grenada at UNESCO General Assembly in Paris

131 Member States of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) demonstrated confidence in Grenada’s leadership by voting to elect the country to UNESCO’s Executive Board on Wednesday, 8 November, during the UNESCO General Assembly in Paris.

UNESCO is responsible for coordinating international cooperation in education, science, culture and communication and is an important partner for Grenada’s development.

A local UNESCO Secretariat is housed at the Ministry of Education, under whose auspices the secretariat’s operations fall. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs assisted in the bid for this important seat by campaigning and arguing the merits of Grenada’s candidacy through diplomatic channels. As a result, Grenada will serve on the Executive Board until 2021.

Grenada joins 26 other countries elected to serve on the Executive Board for this year.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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