Banfield: “Do What You Have to Do, Cheerfully”

Banfields’ on the corner of Gore and Halifax streets closed in 2005

“Do what you have to do, cheerfully.” Words to live by — words that were the personal motto of Keith Banfield, of Banfields’.

According to current General Manager, Michelle Gordon, there is more than one Banfield family in Grenada, but the one that her dad, Keith M Banfield, originated from, was from the branch originally from Ireland, which settled in Calivigny after migrating from Barbados in the late 1800s.

In 1971, Claire and Keith Banfield, her parents, started Banfields’, a fabric and haberdashery store on the corner of Gore and Halifax Streets. The business was later incorporated in October 1978.

Claire and Keith Banfield started Banfields’, a fabric and haberdashery store in 1971

Gordon said, “The fabric and haberdashery store closed in 2005 as mum wanted to retire, and rather than have someone else manage it, we decided to close it down. Mum brought a special feel to the store due to her personality and her knowledge of fabric and sewing, that we felt would be lost if anyone else ran the store.”

In an interview with NOW Grenada, Gordon said: “2017 saw the sad ending of an era for us and for me personally as my father — who had been at the helm of this company from its conception for over 46 years — finally stepped down fully after working half days for the past 3 years. We all miss him!”

Gordon said, “When my parents started this company back in 1971 they took their time to build a company that delivered quality products, with quality service and many today see this company as a company that can be trusted. Me and my team endeavour to continue this path. With grateful hearts we thank you all for your continued support and look forward to greater and better in 2018! Faith makes all things possible. Hope makes all things work. Love makes all things beautiful. May you have all 3 in the New Year!”

For wholesale orders or product information, please contact Banfield’s via email or call 473.440.3061, or visit our distribution centre at Tanteen Terrace, Saint George.

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