ECCO royalties payout

The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO) Inc, on Wednesday, 31 January made royalty payments to its members and members of affiliates totalling over $330,000.  This covers jingles for 2016, and January to June 2017 general and broadcast distributions.

Further distributions are scheduled for later in the year: royalties for jingles, July to December, general and broadcast and for major live events of 2017.

ECCO is an association of composers, songwriters and music publishers and is the legal entity responsible for administering the performing rights of its members and members of affiliated societies in the OECS.  Through reciprocal agreements with affiliated societies worldwide ECCO has control of the world’s music repertoire, that is to say, ECCO is responsible for licencing all public use of music in the OECS.


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