SPECTO announces “A Glimpse into a Climate Smart Future”

The St Patrick Environmental and Community Tourism Organisation (SPECTO), with funding from GEF SGP Grenada is pleased to announce “A Glimpse into a Climate Smart Future,” scheduled for 20-21 May 2018, at Plains Playing Field, St Patrick.

This event is part of SPECTO’s public education efforts by exemplifying the economic and financial viability of conservation efforts. The Green Economy involves business opportunities such as turtle tours, nature tours, craft market, all-natural food products, and branded climate smart products. The philosophical underpinnings of the green event are aspects of climate smart operations such as resource conservation, increased safety and improved human health, exclusive dependence on renewable energy, biodiversity assurance, greenhouse gas reduction, and waste reduction.

It will be 2 days of showcasing, films and documentary on green stories, an environmental climate smart kids corner, climate smart services & product, music, local foods, a solid bar and more in a no carbon footprint venue.

SPECTO’s intention of the event is to reach the wider Grenadian population and to make them aware of the benefits with respect to a climate-smart future, leading to full participation in protecting the environment. This includes children, youth, parents, teachers, businesses, and government as well as visitors.

For more information please contact Claudette Pitt on 405 8395 or via email: [email protected]


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