Burke tells supporters it’s not the end of the world

Nazim Burke

by Linda Straker

  • Nazim Burke said 13 March 2018 result ‘not the end of the world’
  • NDC received 23,243 votes. NNP received 33,786

Nazim Burke, Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), says that his party has accepted the verdict of people and has called on supporters to see beyond the 13 March 2018 result because ‘that’s not the end of the world.’

“I say to all of our members, all of our supporters that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the efforts you have put in. This has been a very difficult campaign for all of us; we fought without many resources,” Burke said in an interview after the preliminary result of the election was announced and showed that the ruling New National Party (NNP) had once again won all 15 constituencies.

“We relied on the will, determination and resolve of the members of our party,” said Burke as he provided words of encouragement to his thousands of supporters. “Those who are hurting tonight, those who are badly disappointed, we want to say to you this is not the end of the world,” he said.

“Adversity always create its own opportunities, and this could be our opportunity to do something bigger and better for Grenada,” he added.

Burke said that despite the odds during the campaign, the party felt there was a good chance at winning. “It was a very long and hard campaign in which we put forward our vision for Grenada, for the governance of Grenada, ideas that we thought will find favour with the electorate, unfortunately, this was not the case,” said Burke.

“And so, all that we can say is, we accept the verdict of the people and congratulate the Prime Minister,” he said. The National Democratic Congress was unable to win any of the 15 seats but received 23,243 votes – 10,543 less than the NNP which received 33,786 votes.

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5 thoughts on “Burke tells supporters it’s not the end of the world

  1. Gareth

    A very sad day for Grenada. Mitchell is akin to a Caribbean Robert Mugabe with power over the long term leading to corruption… The censoring of the media including the shutdown of two radio stations that report even-handedly or show bias towards the opposition in the run up to the election is simply a disgusting abuse of power that allows mitchells slick talk to control all the messaging to the masses.

    As PM and Finance minister there is a lack of governance/segregation of duties allowing the lack of transparency in public finances and for Mitchell and his cronies to have their snouts in the trough of public money and prioritise lining their own back-pockets over the well-being of the nation.

    His slick spin has once again blinded the electorate. I fear another 5 years of Grenada making lower economic and social progress versus comparator islands.

    Sad times.

  2. Sandy

    NDC alyour en shame?? Grenadians are much more sophisticated than you imagined. Wise UP! NNP FOREVER. The heart not strong enough for the house, lol. Not now, not ever.


  3. Sandy

    The LIES AND DECEIT of the NDC would NEVER made headway in Grenada. Not now, not ever. That election beating was murderous and sinful! LOL. I am laughing in A VERY BIG WAY. I feel vindicated.
    Dr. Mitchell and your team, we have FULL confidence in your competence. You have been the most admired visionary of the entire Caribbean region. You have our support. We trust in you as you have proven yourself over and over again. GOD’S BEST TO YOU ALL.!

  4. louise

    Get your facts straight Gareth. We are happy in Grenada. Our elections was free and fair. No radio station was closed down. Their operations were hindering the MBIA communications with air crafts and that was because their frequency was above their limits. They were asked to revert to their original quota.That’s it in a nutshell. I f you are interested in truth do the research. You can start with NTRC. As for Mugabe I only know about him based on what I read in the media which could all be lies. Again if you want truth get first hand information and cool yourself. Why not pay us a visit if your’e not living Here? Most welcome.

  5. Creole-Joe

    So Mitchell has $19million in US Bank accounts…. how does someone on a Grenadian prime ministers salary acrue this wealth? Corruption that’s how.
    The comments supporting below are unsurprising… Mitchell’s slick talk is enough to seduce a population with their head in the sand.

    Public finance are a mess. The debarcle and lack of transparency regarding the off-shore oil and the russia deal is clear evidence of corruption at the highest level.

    Mitchell and cronies have their snouts in the trough of embezzling public money for another 5 years…

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