Preliminary results of 2018 general election

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C Mitchell, Prime Minister

NOW Grenada

The Keith Mitchell led New National Party (NNP) won all 15 seats in 1999, 2013, and again in the 13 March 2018 general election, defeating the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

At Tuesday’s polls, the NNP received 33,786 votes, while the Nazim Burke led NDC received 23,243 votes.

Constituency Candidate Party Votes
Carriacou and Petite Martinique Tevin Andrews NDC 1640
Kendra Stuart NNP 1814
Kerry Velon Simmons TPP 15
St Andrew South East Patrick E Simmons NDC 1135
Emmalin Pierre NNP 2295
St Andrew South West John Richard Arnold Fletcher Independent 34
Sylvester Quarless NDC 1529
Yolande Bain–Horsford NNP 1980
St Andrew North East Terry Glenroy Hillaire NDC 1675
Kate Skeeter Lewis NNP 2301
St Andrew North West Phillip Reginald Alexander NDC 1511
Delma Thomas NNP 2007
St David Adrian Augustine Thomas NDC 2895
Oliver Thomas Joseph NNP 3282
Junior M Francis GRP 9
Joslyn Raphael Whiteman Independent 34
Town of St George Claudette Joseph NDC 789
Peter David NNP 1616
Venescia Francis–Banfield TLP 49
St George North East V Nazim Burke NDC 2495
Tobias Clement NNP 2621
Earl J Maitland GEM 17
Martin Washington Edwards GRP 12
Basil Williams TPP 20
St George North West Ali Anthony Brian Dowden NDC 408
Keith Claudius Mitchell NNP 2546
Oswald Roger Peter GUPM 10
St George South East Franka E R Bernardine NDC 1428
Gregory Clarence Bowen NNP 2101
Rosemarie Rohilia Rajwant GEM 8
Dennyka Checkley GRP 2
Kevin Marlon B Peterkin TPP 7
St George South Philip Raymond Roberts NDC 2679
Nickolas T C Steele NNP 3536
Terrance A C Forrester GPM 87
Nyasha A R Paul GRP 7
St John George A E Vincent NDC 1750
Alvin M DaBreo NNP 2523
St Mark Jerome Augustine Thomas NDC 664
Clarice V Modeste-Curwen NNP 1694
St Patrick East Cecilia Ann John NDC 1202
Pamela Moses NNP 1581
Oral James Roberts GRP 14
St Patrick West Joseph Andall NDC 1443
Anthony Boatswain NNP 1889

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Janice Camps formerly Williams
Janice Camps formerly Williams

Congratulations from Grenadian in Trinidad to Dr. Keith Mitchell and the NNP for their success in yesterday’s General Elections in Grenada. God’s richest blesssngs to you all and the People of Grenada

Theresa Newton
Theresa Newton

In Eric Matthew Gairy era, actually the same thing, GULP,won the elections consecutively for three times.THEY CALLED IT DETECTORSHIP. there was not a name they called Sir Eric Matthew Gairy. How are we accessing the Prime Minister today. This is the third time this us happening. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Grenadines please allow GOD, AND THE Holy Spirit to give .spiritual eyes to see. If it’ was detectorship then it is detectorship now.###itstimeforsomeseriouspraying###forourcountry


Grenadians have made their choice and are happy to congratulate the new team of elected leaders. It was made clear that the majority of persons are comfortable with where they were and not willing to change or fix something that is not broken. It is clearly a time to work together, get rid of all negativity and work to build our country in the next 5 or so years. Congrats NNP and all NNPites.





Grenadian Youth
Grenadian Youth

Theresa Newton…. I beg to differ let us face facts. The people have chose to elecate leader who have continued to build investor confidence and address critical initiatives in the country. He continues to stay in touch and in tune with the Grenadian population especially the youths. In these challenging tines the electorate was not willing to go with a relatively inexperienced and unproven opposition led largely by an individual who clearly did not inspire the nation enough for it to fall in line with it’s policies. Even things in the opposition manifesto are far fetched and not achieveable in… Read more »

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