GNCD supports Upper St John’s fire family

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • GNCD donated food, toys, clothes, books and other essentials
  • Books and toys accumulated through the Toy Project of England

Nearly 3 weeks later, the devastating 26 March fire in Upper St John is still fresh in the minds of the affected family which continues to mourn the loss of 83-year-old Modestina Charles and her 2 grandsons, Jamal and Wade Charles, 22 years old, who was disabled.

The Grenada National Council of the Disabled (GNCD) stepped forward to assist by donating food, toys, clothes, books and other essentials on Wednesday, 11 April. The books and toys were accumulated through the Toy Project of England founded by Jane Garfield.

Present at the handover was representatives from GNCD including Coordinator Hillary Gabriel and social workers from the Ministry of Social Development who provided counselling.

Ann Hopkin, of the GNCD’s board of directors, said this gesture is a small act of kindness to the family that has gone through the traumatic experience of losing 3 family members. “We know the family is distressed because not only one person that got killed in the fire, it was three people, and it’s very hard. We are very happy to lend our support.”

Hopkin has also called upon the community to support the family in coping with this trauma. “I hope that the community gives a hand. This is the time to give a hand and come together to ensure that the family gets their love and support.”

Barbara Charles, Modestina’s daughter, said her situation had not changed much since NOW Grenada’s last interview following the death of her mother and nephews. “It’s really sad, and I can’t get over it because I have not been able to cope, because every day I cry when I think about how they died. My 2 nephews were really nice to me especially the one who could not help himself, who every time he [saw] me he would alert mommy letting her know I am coming.”

The funeral for the fire victims is carded for 26 April 2018 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The GNDC  pledged to continue to assist the affected family in their time of sorrow. The family has so far not received any other assistance.

Police continue their investigations into the cause of the fire.

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