NDC PRO unable to determine why Youth Movement called news conference

NDC Youth Movement representatives

by Linda Straker

  • 3 senior members of the NDC Youth Movement refused to admit they had gone rogue on the party
  • PRO Robinson was not aware the Youth Movement was hosting a news conference

Randall Robinson, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), said on Monday that he was unable to determine why the Youth Movement had its own news conference, while 3 senior members of the youth group refused to admit that they had gone rogue on the party.

Three executive members of the National Democratic Congress Youth Movement on Monday refused to confirm to reporters that the leadership of the party had given them the authority to hold a news conference, during which they claimed that the party was going through a process of re-organising and relocating its headquarters.

Assistant Public Relations Officer and recently appointed Senator Ron Redhead; former candidate for Carriacou and Petite Martinique in the 13 March General Elections, Tevin Andrews and Youth Movement President Ian Thomas, were all silent when asked to explain why Camerhogne Park was chosen as the venue for the news conference instead of the party headquarters on H A Blaize Street.

“Next question please,” said Andrews after he indicated to the others not to answer the questions.

When asked to confirm that the executive of the party which is led by Nazim Burke, had given them the authority to speak on behalf of the party, all 3 again stood in silence and refused to comment.

Robinson, when contacted before the news conference said he was not aware the Youth Movement was hosting a news conference. “I however, must let you know that I was out of the island and only returned last evening, so I am not aware,” he said.

When contacted after the news conference, Robinson who indicated that he was not aware whether or not the group had actually had the news conference, was unable to explain the purpose for the news conference. “I called and did not get any response. Nobody returned by phone calls. I also reached out to 2 other executive members,” he said.

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