New regulation for burials to be adopted

by Linda Straker

  • New regulations for the internment of the dead
  • Committee comprising representatives from the ministries of health and lands as well as the various undertakers appointed

Health Minister, Nickolas Steele has announced that there will be new regulations for the internment of the dead, as result of a review and assessment of the current regulation and the reality that most of the land space assigned for public burials is occupied.

“We are a week away from having a new plan of action with respect to cemeteries in Grenada. Specifically, to the size of tombstones or graves within our cemeteries. We have limited land available for internment and therefore we must use that land wisely,” Steele announced at the weekly Tuesday morning post-cabinet briefing.

He said that government has appointed a committee comprising representatives from the ministries of health and lands as well as the various undertakers whose task includes reviewing the present status of cemeteries and at the same time provide recommendations for the future.

“Regulations have been discussed for years and this committee is mandated within the next week to bring forward those new regulations which will dictate how we intern in our cemeteries in coordination with churches, undertakers and the Ministry of Health,” Steele announced.

Public cemeteries fall under the responsibility of the Environmental Health Unit in the Ministry of Health but there are private cemeteries which fall under the management of churches or families. A spot at a public cemetery currently costs between EC$20 and EC$50.

Steele said that new regulations will be taking an overall review. “The new regulation for burials will also be for places not currently designated as a cemetery, such as private lands,” he said.

Grenada records between 800 to 900 deaths per year.

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