Grenlec encourages customers to conserve as world fuel prices continue upward trend

Grenlec is encouraging customers to manage their electricity usage as rising world fuel prices are making electricity costlier.

Having dropped as low as 22 cents/unit of electricity (kWh) in 2016, the fuel charge has steadily increased to just over 45 cents over the last two years. This increase in the fuel charge for electricity is the direct result of higher world fuel prices, which have also driven up the price of fuel for transportation and cooking gas.

5-Year History of Fuel Charge Movement
Month Cents (EC) per kWh (unit)
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Jan 63 48 29 32 39
Feb 63 41 25 33 41
Mar 63 38 23 34 42
Apr 63 37 22 34 43
May 63 38 24 33 44
Jun 63 39 26 32 46
Jul 63 40 29 32 46
Aug 63 39 30 31  
Sep 62 35 30 32  
Oct 61 33 29 34  
Nov 58 32 31 36  
Dec 54 31 31 38

Sensitising customers about the upward movement of fuel prices, Collin Cover, General Manager of Grenlec, noted, “The higher rates are solely due to the price of fuel on the world market. Grenlec’s non-fuel rate has not changed since 2016 when it declined. In fact, over the last 24 years, the non-fuel charge has increased by less than 3 cents.”

While the fuel charge is still well below 2012 levels when the rate reached as high as 69 cents/kWh, the company’s General Manager is advising customers to be aware of the upward trend of electricity fuel prices. “While Grenlec and Grenada cannot control world fuel prices, our customers have the power to manage how much electricity they use in their homes and businesses. Despite our vision of a future in which renewable energy will make us more energy self-sufficient, we believe conserving energy and preserving our environment for the generations to come will continue to be important.”

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