7.4 Earthquake shakes Grenada and its dependencies

The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) through the technical advice of its focal point and warning centre – the Meteorological Office at Maurice Bishop International Airport, confirmed through preliminary information that the island felt a 7.4 magnitude earthquake at 5:32 pm today, Tuesday 21 August 2018.

According to the coordinates, the earthquake originated 10.4°N, 62.7°W just off the coast of Venezuela, with a depth of 86 km (54 miles).

We state clearly that Grenada and its dependencies are NOT under any TSUNAMI WATCH OR WARNING.

The motoring public and homeowners are advised to exercise caution as the shaking could have destabilized rocks and or boulders around your home or along roadways, vigilance is therefore encouraged by all.

NaDMA has not received any information of damage.

The 7.4 magnitude earthquake was the strongest felt on island and was also felt in several Caribbean islands.

NaDMA – the official source for all disaster-related information in Grenada

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