Late songs release altered Rootsman Kelly chance of defending his crown

Former Dimanche Gras King Kelly “Rootsman Kelly” Clyne

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • Rootsman Kelly loss at Dimanche Gras attributed to late release of selections
  • Son’s death may have impacted performance
  • Feels the justice system has failed him

Calypsonian and former Dimanche Gras King Kelly ‘Rootsman Kelly’ Clyne attributed his loss at the recently held Dimanche Gras, to the late release of both his selections “The Armour of Love” and “The CCJ.”

Clyne was dethroned on Sunday, 12 August by Finley ‘Scholar’ Jeffrey who is now 9-time Dimanche Gras King.

In congratulating Jeffrey on yet another victory, Clyne said the late release of his songs might have altered his chances at successfully defending his crown. “I think I did well, in that I made no mistakes or flaws in my performances. I just think that the people/judges weren’t acquainted with the songs because of how late they were released. There were also other challenges.”

Clyne, who lost his son Khalid Griffith to violence mere weeks before the competition said the incident is still fresh in his mind but could not say for certain that it impacted his performance. 24-year-old Griffith was stabbed to death on Wednesday, 18 July on Grand Anse Beach.

Tesday McSween of Marian, St George was later arrested and charged with non-capital murder in connection with the death.

Speaking on the death of his son, Clyne says he feels that the justice system has failed him. “After someone served time for murder then came out and committed another similar crime (dangerous harm) how could the justice system grant such a person bail which allowed them to get the chance to commit another murder? The justice system has failed me terribly.”

Clyne now hopes that the start of the preliminary inquiry into his son’s death will shed light on the circumstances that led to the tragic incident.

McSween who is still on remand at the Richmond Hill Prison is scheduled to return to the St George Magistrate court on 21 August 2018.

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