Students continue to excel with the GRENCODA Student Assistance Programme

Anel Prince, Customer Service Representative for CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank presents funds to Tyrone Buckmire Deputy Director Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic

Students assisted by the GRENCODA Student Assistance Programme have achieved an impressive 103 CSEC exam passes in the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

Started over 30 years ago the student assistance programme has played a pivotal role in the lives of vulnerable children and youth from families with economic struggles. The programme is specifically geared towards providing them with the opportunity to receive secondary level education.

This year 25 students passed a minimum of 3 subjects each, while 3 outstanding students passed 9 subjects each. With graduates from TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and The New Life Organisation (NEWLO) alongside the secondary school achievements, it was a year to be proud of for the programme.

As well as offering financial assistance for education, the student assistance programme also offers psychological and motivational support to young people, with referrals to Legal Aid and Counselling where it is deemed appropriate. Motivational sessions were also facilitated, this year by former SAP students for Form 5 students who were preparing for final exams and graduation.

Tyrone Buckmire, Deputy Director of the Legal Aid & Counselling Clinic, a subsidiary of GRENCODA, was recently presented with a sponsorship cheque from regional bank CIBC FirstCaribbean which has been a longtime supporter of the organisations work, by Anel Prince, Customer Service Representative at the bank.

He thanked the bank for its continued support noting that “giving families tangible support to assist in educating their children, gives all of us a hope for the future.” He said that “GRENCODA is committed to helping the vulnerable, become less so and have the opportunity to determine their own path through the powerful tool of education.”

The bank’s Country Head, Nigel Ollivierre, said the bank was “happy to once again support SAP in their plans for the youth, who are Grenada’s future. Their holistic approach to supporting and aiding the vulnerable and impoverished is laudable, and a cause with which we have been only too pleased to be associated with over the last 15 years. Each year we know that our funds can assist in making a difference in a number of young lives.”

CIBC FirstCaribbean

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