Apparent suicide committed by an elderly man

by Linda Straker

  • Apparent elder suicide in Morne Rouge
  • Officers from South Saint George Police Station investigate

Police have confirmed continuing investigations into an apparent suicide committed by an elderly man in his Morne Rouge home last Friday, 31 August 2018.

Police confirmed that officers attached to South Saint George Police Station went on enquiries at the home of Barbara Bhola, an 82-year-old businesswoman residing at Morne Rouge, St George.

On arrival, they observed the motionless body of 88-year-old Osborne Bhola, lying on his back on the bedroom floor.

Ms Bhola said she and her husband breakfasted and he went into the bedroom to do his exercise.

Sometime during the morning, she made checks in the room and saw him hanging from a ladder with one end of a cord tied to the ladder and the other end tied around his neck.

In shock, she cut the cord causing him to fall to the floor.

After hearing her story, a doctor was immediately called, who examined the body and pronounced it dead. It was removed by an undertaker.

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