Ark Peace hospital ship to arrive

PLA Navy’s hospital ship Peace Ark (Hull 866)

by NOW Grenada

China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy medical ship, the Ark Peace, is one of the world’s largest all-inclusive and fully equipped hospital ships. On its visit to Grenada in 2015, about 9,000 persons received medical care onboard.

This week, 4-7 October, the Ark Peace will be offering services to Grenadians free of charge, upon referrals from their personal physicians or health centre.

The Ministry of Health has issued a public notice for procedures for visiting the Ark Peace hospital ship.


The public is advised of the following security procedures to be observed by persons interested in visiting the Ark Peace (Hospital Ship).

  • All visitors WILL be subjected to security screenings.
  • All visitors MUST carry a Photo Identification Card (Photo ID).
  • NO dangerous instruments including (Knives of any and all kinds, fingernail files, screwdrivers, icepicks, sharps etc).
  • NO firearms.
  • NO breakable (glass) bottles.
  • NO bottled water.
  • NO backpacks.
  • NO big bags.
  • NO alcoholic drinks.
  • NO boxes.
  • NO explosives of any kind.

Persons carrying bags or backpacks of any kind may be asked to leave their belongings with security personnel.

Any person or persons deem to be disruptive or engaging in disorderly conduct will be asked to leave.

Visitors MUST adhere to the international safety and security protocols of the Cruise Port. 

The Ministry of Health will not be liable for any security enforcement decisions deemed necessary by security personnel.

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