Crystal Braveboy-Chetram graduates top of her class

Crystal Braveboy-Chetram

Crystal Braveboy-Chetram continues to attain academic excellence, doing herself and her country extremely proud.

On Saturday, 6 October 2018, Braveboy-Chetram graduated at the top of her class of over 230 students throughout the Caribbean.

She was the only student to have conferred upon her the prestigious and coveted Certificate of Merit from the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago. Further, she is the only student to attain this award among the Caribbean Law Schools in Trinidad and Jamaica under the auspices of the Council of Legal Education.

This certificate is awarded by the council to students achieving nine or more As in their respective bar exams. Braveboy-Chetram has also achieved and was awarded by the council the following prizes:

  • The Council of Legal Education: Most Outstanding Students Over Two Years
  • The Grenada Bar Association Award: Best Performance by a Student from Grenada
  • The H Aubrey Fraser Memorial Prize: Best performance in Ethics, Rights and Obligations of the Legal Profession

Last year Braveboy-Chetram captured 9 awards at the culmination 2016/2017 academic year. Her most prized award at that time was the award from the Council of Legal Education for most outstanding Year 1 student.

Her other awards:

  • The Peterson, Lambert, Peterson & Co Award: Best Performer in Evidence and Forensic Medicine
  • The Phelps & Co Award: Best Performer in Civil Procedure and Practice 1
  • The Book Specialist Award: First Outstanding Year 1 Student
  • The Justice Anthony Lucky and Justice Gillian Lucky Award: Best performance in Evidence & Forensic Medicine
  • The Oswald J Wilson Memorial Award: Best performance in Landlord and Tenant (shared)
  • London House Chambers Kisson Award: Best performance in Legal Drafting and Interpretation (shared)
  • M H Shah Memorial Award: Best Performance in Legal Drafting and Interpretation
  • The Justice Alice Yorke-Soo Hon Award: Outstanding performance in Criminal Practice and Procedure.

Braveboy-Chetram has an excellent track record of academic performance having graduated from The University of the West Indies, St Augustine, where she achieved her Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB). She was also the top performer during her 2nd year at The UWI. She then went on to graduate with First Class Honours and was also the Valedictorian for the Faculties of Law and Engineering at her ceremony.

She was the recipient of an island scholarship from the Government of Grenada having been the top performer in her programme at the TA Marryshow Community College. She is a former student of the St Joseph Convent St George’s and the South St George Government School where she also presented the valedictory address.

Braveboy-Chetram credits her success to hard work, dedication, commitment, endurance and the assistance from the Government of Grenada, her family, lecturers, friends and fellow students who have provided extensive support in one way or another throughout her academic life. She has already returned to Grenada and stands ready to serve her people and her country.

Jeremy Chetram

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