Education Minister commends and congratulates Grenlec debaters

Emmalin Pierre

Minister for Education, Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs, Hon. Emmalin Pierre, congratulates all participants in the Grenlec Debates, with special commendation for St Joseph’s Convent, St George’s, who emerged the 2018 winner of this year’s Grenlec Debates, held on 22 November 2018.

The Education Minister thanks and commends the hard work and dedication of all teachers, principals and other staff at the various schools, who have coached the students and contributed to their preparation, during this year’s debate, thereby ensuring that the competition was a success.

The minister is especially pleased at the significant turnout at the debating finals, despite the additional pressure students and teachers may have encountered, by virtue of their continued participation in this event, given the current industrial impasse.

This ministry looks forward to a continued, successful partnership with Grenlec in advancing the holistic development of Grenada’s youth, through the Grenlec Debates, and expresses its heartfelt thanks for yet another positive and productive engagement of the nation’s students.

Ministry of Education

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