NDC New Year Message

The year 2018 was one of simultaneous challenge and hope for the NDC. Unexpectedly, we failed to secure any seats in the Lower House of Parliament. The results were almost a carbon copy of the 2013 elections when the NDC retained 42% of the popular vote.

Positively, the youth arm of the NDC lit a spark in the organisation and in the election campaign. It is our intention to build on that movement, fully engaging the young people of Grenada, as our party forges towards 2023 and beyond. The infusion of young talent and energy into the NDC was as a direct result of the party’s effort to reorganise and rebuild after the devastating events leading up to the 2013 election loss. This rebuilding effort would not be possible without the steadfast leadership of then party leader brother Nazim Burke.

Despite the election loss, we note with approval, that government has already begun implementing some of the programmes and policies outlined in our policy agenda and election manifesto. The NDC’s development vision is not one for party, but one for country and although we firmly believe that we are best placed to implement this vision, we will commend any effort by the current government to do so.

Our desire is to bring renewed hope and inspiration to the people of Grenada, particularly the more than 20% of the electorate who stayed away from the polls. We cannot be content with such a substantial portion of the citizenry being apathetic or otherwise uninspired and unmotivated to exercise their franchise, even in the face of free-wheeling flea market politicking, reckless use of taxpayers’ money for electioneering and flagrant manipulation of the electoral system.

Despite the resignation of the party leader and chairman, the NDC has been able to proceed peacefully, purposefully and united as we prepare to hold our Party Convention in 2019. We look forward to new and inspired leadership as we infuse and welcome new and diverse members to our fold.

We thank the party members and supporters for standing firm with us and continuing to lend your time and resources to our various causes to make a better Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique for all. Thanks also, to the general public for your continued show of support and encouragement.

The NDC salutes the workers of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, especially the teachers and civil servants. We thank you for your selfless, invaluable service to our country. The NDC hurts with you as a heartless government attempts to kill the struggle by wrongfully taking your hard-earned salaries while increasing their own. Stand firm in your struggle to fully enjoy pension rights as guaranteed under the Constitution. The NDC is 100% behind you in this struggle. Together, we shall not allow the cruel NNP to create a nation of poor people, just to make them dependent and forever loyal.

The NDC looks forward to 2019 with renewed hope in the resilience of our people and faith in our collective ability to stand together in the face of oppression and hardship. We urge all Grenadians at home and in the diaspora to join us as we fight for a better quality of life for all.

Hope is alive and well in the NDC!!

Happy New Year to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique!


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One thought on “NDC New Year Message

  1. ADM

    Is that it!!! your New Year message to supporters and prospective supporters.. Personally I believe that it lacks substance..
    May I also offer some advise.. you all need to bring your website up to date. it lacks conviction, photographs and editorial content are out of date. Also the red link that clearly states “JOIN THE TEAM”, likewise that of the green ” VOLUNTEER” needs someone to take charge of this and respond to requests within 48 hours and not left for months without an acknowledgement. That’s not how you get or welcome supporters.

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