Chinese Embassy donates computers to Grenada government

L-R: Hon. Norland Cox, Chinese Ambassador HE Dr Zhao Yongchen and Hon. Kate Lewis

On 13 December 2018, the Chinese Ambassador HE Dr Zhao Yongchen donated 5 sets of desktop computers to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & The Arts of Grenada at a small ceremony together with Hon. Norland Cox and Hon. Kate Lewis from the ministry.

Hon. Cox thanked Ambassador Dr Zhao and the Chinese Embassy for the generous donation, stating the donation is timely, which can improve office conditions and enhancing work efficiency and is also helpful to the ministry’s capacity building and the public sector’s modernisation. He hoped the two sides could strengthen exchanges, to promote the friendly and cooperative relations between the 2 countries.

Ambassador Zhao reaffirmed China’s willing to strengthen the links and cooperation and determination of making joint efforts with the ministry to further the friendly relations between the two countries.

Chinese Embassy Grenada

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Embassy donates computers to Grenada government

  1. Anonymous

    The Sellout of this Island is still going on.. i hope the people of Grenada knows that the Investments of foreign Countries are not for Free and the bill will be presented.

  2. Paula Strachan

    Nothing the Chinese give is ever for free. When they come for payback hope you will be ready.

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