NAWASA to begin sterilising private water tankers

NAWASA officials

by Linda Straker

  • Private water tankers to be sterilised to ensure fit for human consumption
  • Private tankers used for deliveries beyond scope of NAWASA’s ability
  • 2019 will be a La Nina weather year: less rainfall, high temperatures

Effective 1 February 2019, NAWASA, the National Water and Sewerage Authority will begin the sterilisation process for all private water tankers desirous of carrying potable water during the 2019 dry season.

This was one of the many discussions held with water tanker operators at a meeting held at NAWASA’s Dusty Highway Office Monday, 28 January 2019.

Assistant Communications officer, Wendy Chasteau explained that private water tankers are used by NAWASA if all of NAWASA’s tankers are in use and there is a need to deliver water to communities or individuals beyond the scope of NAWASA’s ability.

“The sterilisation is to ensure that all tankers that will be delivering water are clean, so that the water they are delivering is of a high standard that is fit for human consumption,” said Chasteau.

“We are gearing up for a very harsh dry season, and this is our way of preparing to deliver to our customers, because we anticipate there will be a greater need through this dry season,” she said explaining that the harsh dry season was based on metrological data that 2019 will be a La Nina weather year.

A La Nina weather year sees less rainfall, resulting in harsh dry days with high temperatures. Already 2 NAWASA catchment points are experiencing lower than average water levels.

The meeting also had representation from the Fire Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), by Sergeants Adrian Panchoo and Thaddeus Hamilton. Discussions were extended to dealing with bush, and other fires and the Fire Department was in high praise for the unwavering support of the operators with the extinguishing of fires without cost once needed.

NAWASA was represented at the meeting by Communications Supervisor Jamila Samuel, Manager of Transmission and Distribution Joel Thomas, Engineer Damani Bruno and Wendy Chasteau.

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